Mommy, when I grow up, I want be influencer!!

On Saturday, the second edition of the Digital Family Meeting was held in Royal Son Bou Hotel. Last year I went there as a visitor and this time, I have done it as a rapporteur, alongside with bloggers from the likes of “Turisme Petit” (Small Tourism) or “Planeando ser padres” (Planning parenting), among others.

Last year I enjoyed it very much and this year much more. I was really nervous but it went pretty well. I wanted to explain a little of everything and I did. Since the beginning of cositasdemamis until today. When preparing the speech I had the feeling that a thousand years had passed. The amount of things I’ve done in a short time, really thrilled me.


Upon completion of the Digital Family Meeting, I experienced something similar to last year, I had a stunning desire to conquer the world, it was a great injection of motivation. Being surrounded by people which once started blogging, tweeting and sharing personal experiences, anecdotes as myself, … really encourages me to keep going. Their perseverance, passion, love for what they do and their illusion, has led them to be influencers, so that they write about products, places … and product brands trust them to do their advertising. These influencers can be critical to the product and that it also benefits the brand because that improves product.

It was a real blast. Mommy, I want to be influencer !!!

 This time, the Digital has been divided into three sections:

Family tourism, with the participation of president of the Association of Family Tourism in the Valencian community, Carlos Ferris. And Tomeu Fiol, founder of, a good example of passion and enthusiasm for what he does, closer, open and relaxed, he gave me confidence to move forward.

The second part was about:

Family, education, social networks and new technologies: The truth is that this block was not so useful to me . B. is still less than three years and so the social networks topic and the dangers resulting from them, is not one of my worries yet, but the truth is that I loved as Santiago Barro and Montserrat Mireia Menes (with whom I had much feeling !!) treated the subject. This section was ended by Judith from Sa Xaranga, showing us how Scratch program works: it is an extracurricular activity that teaches children to create their own video games.

And the last block was on psychology and family economy.

Lucia from Planning parenting opened the block. Actually I had a wild desire to know her, as I follow her blog for some time now and I was dying to know how she got to the top. It was a fun, fresh and very sincere speech … Perseverance and being constantly tweeting are the keys.

Then it was the turn of Rosa from mybabystock, taht spoke about collaborative consumption but I was already under a thousand tachycardia, with sweating hands and trembling legs.

Mine was the last presentation and left them with a good taste in their mouth, as I handed the audience, with the help of husband, popcorn cones to enjoy the movie they would see and that I would explain to them.



For me the Digital Family Meeting was a personal and professional success, accompanied by a two days stay at the wonderful Hotel Royal Son Bou, which eventually round out the weekend.

Hotel Royal Son Bou, is 100% designed for kids, they are the stars and they are in fact from the first minute, because in the reception desk there is a step for them to rise and participate in the register. Once in the room there is a sink adapted to their height, hard drawers so that they can not open and a great detail on the table for them, a removable sweet box to be colored and play.

 Apartments have all details and facilities you need. When you get inside, you already feel grateful with the great detail of a present with Menorcan products (ensaimada, carquinyols, chamomile and wine) which is arranged on the dining table welcoming you. The mini kitchen with all the cookware you need, a huge bathroom and a very spacious room. All careful details to make you feel at your little house. When B. was tired of so many activities said: mummy, let’s go to our little house referring to the apartment.



I have already said that kids are the stars in the Hotel, so you can imagine the entertainment and activities that are scheduled for them. Endless fun. They end up tired of so much playing, activities, dance, entertainment … always accompanied by magnificent professionals, patients, cheerful, sympathetic. Passion for their work is shown there!!! Monitors-animators that are all day giving to the best of them in Kikoland which is the area of children’s entertainment and then at night they are performing a mini disco for children and also adult animation. I will only say that on Saturday night I ended up dancing the conga. They are really good.

 Besides of Kikoland, which owes its name to Kiko who is one of the hotel mascots, that occasionally appears dancing in the facilities, leaving the smaller speechless, in the restaurant area there is an enclosed area with plenty of toys, games and tV to leave the tiny ones while parents eat or if they finish first, so they don’t get bored at the table. It is well thought but we never used it since B was more than entertained at the kids buffet, which is at its height and he could get what he wanted. The “small ice creams” fridge that fascinated him, was also at its height. At breakfast time, he ran to the place of that fridge, luckily they replaced ice cream by bread and jam, otherwise we would have had a little problem. The truth that having such a large assortment of food allowed him to choose what he wanted and I saw a smile on his face and an onomatopoeia of mmmhhh in every bite.


The fact is that the selection is quite varied for me. I am with the weight watchers program (I will talk to you shortly about that) and I had no problems, the contrary: a wider range of food than at home.

 In addition, at the restaurant there are highchairs, bibs, plastic dishes, silverware and cups and a team of waiters willing, friendly and very sympathetic with the youngest.

 But undoubtedly the most brilliant of all and where B. enjoyed the most and so where we spent more time was in front of a concave and convex mirrors in which B was now fat, now thin.



Certainly the treatment received is 10, thanks to Estefania, Tomeu and the whole team that made us feel in our little house. We will definitely return although it is only 20km from home, it’s a total disconnection and nothing stressful as taking a plane.

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